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Welcome to the Build-A-Bearville Wiki

Build-A-Bearville Wiki is an encyclopedia about everything related to Build-A-Bears, The Build-A-Bearville MMOG and Furry Friends.

Why create a wiki when there are so many blog/forum posts that list animals and their virtual items? Blogs and Forums are great at what they do - allow someone to post and others to comment, but they are not so good for tracking information that gets updated and changed often with new additions. I certainly don't want to read through a 125-page forum post about all the virtual items that have appeared in the world of Build-A-Bearville! Plus, if someone doesn't do any updates to their post, then it quickly becomes out of date.

The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for fans of Build-A-Bears! :) It would be fantastic to be able to finally list and track all of the items available in Build-A-Bearville, so we're starting with the furry friends!

Bring Your Friends to Virtual Life

When you sign into Build-A-Bearville for the first time, you will create your very own character, with which you can explore the magic of Build-A-Bearville. If you have a furry friend's birth certificate, you can also bring that friend to life in the game. When you bring your friend to life, you will be given your own Cub Condo in which your character and your virtual friends can call home. Each furry friend that you bring to life comes with their own bedroom added on to your condo, so there's hardly any construction work to be done! You can customise each room of your condo with wallpaper, paint, furniture, rugs and wall art. There are plenty of shops to decorate your condo! Once you've settled into your new virtual home, you can take your friend out for some fun! There are many games to play and new adventures being added all the time! Be sure to check the events calendar for anything going in in the land of Build-A-Bearville this week! Hope to see you there! :)

Furry Friends and their Virtual Items

Want to know which furry friends come with what items? Find out here! Have we missed someone? Let us know, or, better yet, create a new page for your favourite furry friend yourself! Show off your furry friend and all of their virtual awesomeness! Find out all about the Furry Friends from Build-A-Bear Workshop.

You can find furry friends by the kinds of virtual items (pet special items) that they come with by using the PSI menu on the left. There are links for accessories, clothing, furniture, rides, emoticons, moves and also find out which furry friends also give you a special gift if you collect all of them in a set.

Events Calendar